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Sushi Facts

Sushi dates back to at least the second century A.D., beginning as a method of preserving fish in China. The word “sushi” actually refers to rice that has been seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt, and contrary to popular belief, Sushi does not mean raw fish at all.

Raw fish sliced and served by itself is called sashimi. Good sushi rice is somewhat chewy, and sticky to the touch.Sushi is traditionally eaten with the fingers, in one or two bites, although many people use chopsticks.

It is not considered polite to pass food from one person to another using chopsticks, as this parallels a Japanese funeral ceremony. It is more appropriate to use the blunt end of your chopsticks and pass the food you want to share from one plate to the next.

Knives used by sushi chefs are the direct descendants of samurai swords, and the blades should traditionally be sharpened every day.

Sushi Vocabulary

Sushi: Many people believe that sushi means raw fish. Actually, sushi means vinegared rice. This term is based from the original use of fermented rice to store fish.

Nori: Roasted seaweed. This is what is used to bind the rice and fish together.

Sushi HosoMaki Maki HosoMaki: This is a sushi roll with a little rice and the seaweed is on the outisde.

Futomaki: Large sushi rolls with plenty of ingredients within it. This makes it difficult to take a piece with one bite. The seaweed is either rolled on the outside or inside.

$ushi $ushi: The highest price ever paid for a sushi grade Bluefin Tuna was $396,000 for a 754 pound fish ($526/lb) on January 4th, 2011 at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. What makes this more interesting is that this record was 10 years to the day as the last record. Previously, the highest price ever paid for a sushi grade Bluefin Tuna was $173,600 for a 444 pound fish ($391/lb) on January 5th, 2001.

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